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Tarry Shebesta of truPayments, LLC to Speak at Used Car Week’s Auto Fin Con 2019 on Digital Retailing and the Role of Fi

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Tarry Shebesta of truPayments, LLC to Speak at Used Car Week’s Auto Fin Con 2019 on Digital Retailing and the Role of Fi

Oct 16, 2019

Tarry Shebesta of truPayments, LLC to Speak at Used Car Week’s Auto Fin Con 2019 on Digital Retailing and the Role of FinTech and Lenders

Learn how FinTech and Lenders fit in to the Credit First vs Credit Last online path-to-purchase

Cincinnati, OH – October 16, 2019. Tarry Shebesta, CEO of truPayments, LLC, will be speaking at Used Car Week’s Auto Fin Con 2019. The Las Vegas event being held November 11-13 will focus on all aspects of auto lending across the subprime and prime segments of the industry.

Strategy involving fintech, technology and more will be shared to help finance companies from marketing to underwriting. Join Tarry Shebesta, CEO of truPayments, LLC, as he leads a discussion on “Digital Retailing and the role of FinTech: Credit First vs Credit Last”.

Highlights include the important role FinTech and lenders play in the online path-to-purchase. This session will deep dive into the two digital retailing paths, Credit First vs Credit Last.

Shebesta will be speaking on Tuesday, November 12th at 8:30AM at the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa. Specifically he will address:

  • How the two Digital Retailing paths differ
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each
  • The consumer experience factor
  • The role of soft-pull credit bureaus
  • Lender benefits

Takeaways from the session: 

  • Attendees will gain an extensive understanding of the critical role customer credit plays and where in the digital retailing sales process it has the most impact.
  • Lenders will learn how Credit First vs. Credit Last equates to higher look-to-book ratios, lower credit application costs, improved portfolio performance, enhanced dealer relations and increased market share.
  • Attendees will learn and discuss why creating a personalized shopping experience, using consumer credit, is critical to conversion. We’ll debate privacy vs personalization vs transparency.

“Digital retailing is one of the hottest technology topics in the auto industry right now,” says Shebesta. “Dealers, OEMs, lenders, credit bureaus, and technology providers are all jockeying for a winning position. We anticipate a spirited interactive discussion from session attendees.”

Shebesta was selected to address conference attendees because of his in-depth knowledge and experience with vehicle financing and digital marketing/retailing. He currently serves on the board of the National Vehicle Leasing Association and is involved in directing his company’s products DriveItNow® and tru Shop-by-PaymentTM, part of the GRAIL® Digital Marketing and Retailing platform.

Used Car Week 2019 will hear from cutting edge dealers, dealer trainers, digital auction companies, digital retailing experts and more that are on tap for speaking roles throughout the week in Vegas.

More information about the event can be found here

About truPayments®, LLC

truPayments®, LLC is a financial technology company with deep roots in eCommerce and the Automotive Industry. truPayments®, LLC is a subsidiary of Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. (ACS), a financial services and technology company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. More information at:

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