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DriveItNow Partners with PureCars to Include Monthly Payment Offers within PureCars' Value Intelligence Platform

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DriveItNow Partners with PureCars to Include Monthly Payment Offers within PureCars' Value Intelligence Platform

Jun 11, 2014

Dealers can now engage monthly payment shoppers within the PureCars Value Intelligence Platform.

CINCINNATI, Ohio (June 11, 2014) - DriveItNow, the leader in online monthly payment marketing technology, announced a partnership with PureCars to further enhance the value car shoppers receive from the PureCars Value Intelligence Platform.

Dealers who subscribe to both PureCars and DriveItNow can engage online shoppers with real payment offers they can qualify for without having to provide their personal information.

"PureCars' Value Intelligence Platform together with DriveItNow helps dealers stand out from the competition," said Tarry Shebesta, President of DriveItNow. "The partnership also helps engage more budget conscious consumers, driving additional sales and finance profits."

"Applying compelling calls-to-action, like DriveItNow's monthly payment offer, to PureCars' Value Intelligence Platform, entices buyers to take immediate action while providing dealers yet another channel from which to convert website shoppers into showroom visits, and buying customers," says Jeremy Anspach, PureCars' co-founder and CEO.

The DriveItNow integration within the PureCars Value Intelligence Platform is available to DriveItNow and PureCars customers at no additional cost. For more information, visit or call 800.223.4882.

About DriveItNow®
DriveItNow® is a patent-pending monthly payment marketing technology service of Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. DriveItNow services include a Trade-in Equity Analyzer and the industry's only Shop-by-Payment technology. To demo all services visit

About PureCars
PureCars offers exclusive, award-winning technology that proves value is more than just price. Led by an industry leading data library, PureCars defines the digital standard by improving the consumer's online experience through advanced relevant content. Their suite of digital products, including the PureCars Value Intelligence Platform™, Trade-In Report™, and their latest innovative solution, SmartAdvertising®, helps dealers dominate digital by driving more showroom opportunities and optimizing VDP conversion rates. The PureCars team has developed a unique culture of excellence, collectively devoted to improving the car buying experience through more relevant information. To learn more, please visit or call us at 877-860-7873.

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