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DriveItNow Mobile Converts On-The-Go Payment Shoppers

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DriveItNow Mobile Converts On-The-Go Payment Shoppers

Feb 1, 2012

DriveItNow launches industry-first mobile plug-in to help dealers engage and close more smartphone users.

Cincinnati, OH - February 1, 2012. Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. (ACS) has released a mobile version of DriveItNow, an innovative online pre-qualified payment quoting service.

Mobile car shoppers can now see instant monthly payments for which they qualify with only a few keystrokes or by using their Facebook login. This industry-first service builds on the success of the website version already in use by dealers across the United States.

DriveItNow's proprietary patent-pending technology provides online shoppers with instant personalized car loan payments based on their actual credit eligibility and the dealer's finance programs. DriveItNow does not impact a shopper's credit or require confidential information.

Through DriveItNow Mobile, dealers can now engage car shoppers who use their smartphones and other mobile devices while on the go, on the lot, and after business hours.

"DriveItNow needs minimal information to credit-qualify a shopper. This makes it a perfect fit for a smartphone or mobile device where typing in a lot of information is not practical." says Tarry Shebesta, President of ACS. "Limiting keystrokes is the key to engaging mobile users. DriveItNow even allows shoppers to use their Facebook account to pre-populate fields quickly."

"Most mobile dealer websites and apps do not provide payment information." continued Shebesta "For the first time ever, a shopper can instantly see personalized monthly payments based on their credit for a particular car - a real game-changer for mobile websites."

"DriveItNow uses state-of-the art mobile website technology, not a downloadable app, which gives it broader accessibility and compatibility." comments Brian Clifton, CIO of ACS. "Our mobile plug-in easily integrates into any mobile website platform used by finance portals, classified listing sites, online auctions and OEM sites, by any mobile website provider for iPhones, Androids, BlackBerries or most other mobile devices."

For a limited time, DriveItNow Mobile is free for dealers who sign up for the standard DriveItNow service.

Visit using your own BlackBerry, iPhone or Android Smartphone to experience this exciting new technology.

About DriveItNow

DriveItNow is a patent pending payment marketing technology service of Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. (ACS). ACS leads the industry with innovative proprietary technology, superior customer service, and over twenty years of auto financing and leasing experience.

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