Press Releases

01.12.2017 - DriveItNow Showcased in the "Modern Dealership Experience" at NADA 2017

06.07.2016 - DriveItNow Becomes NIADA National Member Benefit Partner

04.28.2016 - DriveItNow Tops 2 Billion Online Payment Quotes; Leads the Automotive Digital Retailing Technology Space

02.25.2016 - Dominion Launches My Payment for Dealers Powered by DriveItNow

01.19.2016 - DriveItNow Partners with Purple Cloud to Launch Dynamic Retargeting Campaigns for Auto Dealers

12.01.2015 - DriveItNow® Announces Integration with GoMoto's Customer Experience Platform

11.03.2015 - Tarry Shebesta of DriveItNow to Keynote at Kain Automotive Training's 11th annual "Clients & Friends Workshop"

09.23.2014 - DriveItNow Offers a Complete Consumer Credit Solution for Auto Dealer Website Providers

08.21.2014 - Autobytel Partners with DriveItNow to Launch Car Payment Conversion Tool for Dealer Websites

06.11.2014 - DriveItNow Partners with PureCars to Include Monthly Payment Offers within PureCars' Value Intelligence Platform

01.22.2014 - DriveItNow to Launch Coordinated Credit Solution to Streamline Car Financing on Dealer Websites

01.09.2014 - DriveItNow Partners with Flick Fusion to Include Monthly Payment Offers on Vehicle Inventory Videos

10.10.2013 - DriveItNow Calculates Impact of Trade-In Equity on Monthly Car Payments

05.07.2013 - DriveItNow Turns the Car Buying Process Upside Down with Industry First Shop-by-Payment Technology

03.06.2013 - DriveItNow, Partner to Enhance Vehicle Listings with Real Payment Offers

02.10.2013 - DriveItNow Selects VINClicks to Target VIN Specific Pre-Qualified Buyers

01.24.2013 - Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. Announces Partnership with

11.06.2012 - AutoUSA and DriveItNow® to Present Benefits of Online Payment Marketing at Kain Automotive Training's "Clients & Friends Workshop"

08.21.2012 - AutoUSA and DriveItNow® to Present "Payment Pro: The Game Changer" Workshop at AutoCon 2012 Conference in Las Vegas

07.31.2012 - AutoUSA Introduces Payment ProSM Powered by DriveItNow®, Payment-Qualified Website Leads for Auto Dealers

02.01.2012 - DriveItNow Mobile Converts On-The-Go Payment Shoppers

08.23.2011 - Autodata Solutions and DriveItNow Give Consumers More Detailed Payment Options Using OEM Incentives and Rebates

04.19.2011 - DriveItNow Unveils Next Generation of Pre-Qualified Payment Marketing at Digital Dealer Conference

10.04.2010 - Finance Express Adds ACS Financial to Their Lender Platform

08.19.2010 - Now Offers Lease Financing for Exotic, Classic, and Sports Cars

04.20.2010 - DriveItNow Completes the Online Connection Between Buyer and Seller with "Soft Pull" Credit Technology

02.04.2010 - Diesel Cars Boom in the US; Names Top 10 to Lease

12.10.2009 - "Drive It Now" Launches Lending Gateway to Help Auto Dealers Finance and Lease More Cars

09.24.2009 - Names Most Requested Vehicles to Lease. Cadillac CTS Debuts; Consumer Lease Options Diminish

04.22.2009 - Protects Consumers with its Guaranteed Car Payment Program

04.15.2009 - ACS Financial Integrates with XpressCredit and RouteOne

01.15.2009 - Names Most Requested Vehicles to Lease. Fuel Efficient Models Fade, Audi's New Models are a Hit

10.01.2008 - No Credit Crunch at, where Auto Leasing and Financing are Still Strong

09.04.2008 - "Drive It Now" - Car Payment Advertising for Online Auctions, Classifieds and Dealer Websites

08.12.2008 - Steps in as Chrysler and Others Exit Auto Leasing

07.24.2008 - Names Most Requested Vehicles to Lease -- Fuel Efficient and Hybrid Models Dominate, Prius up 500%

03.18.2008 - Names Most Requested Vehicles to Lease. Corvette Still #1, Hybrid Models Becoming More Popular

02.11.2008 - Top Dealer Marketing Companies Select "Lease It Now" for Car Lease Payment Advertising.

11.07.2007 - Goes Green; Competitive Lease Payments Now Available on Hybrid Cars

10.30.2007 - Partners with Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. to Offer Its "Lease It Now" Service

08.07.2007 - Names Most Requested Vehicles to Lease; Honda Gains Ground, Corvette Still #1

06.14.2007 - ''Lease It Now'' - Lease Payment Advertising for Online Auctions and Classifieds

06.12.2007 - National Vehicle Leasing Association (NVLA) Elects Tarry Shebesta, President

05.23.2007 - Tarry Shebesta to Conduct ''Maximizing Your Presence on the Web'' Workshop at NVLA Conference in Las Vegas

02.22.2007 - Names Most Requested Vehicles to Lease; Honda & BMW Dominate

11.29.2006 - Launches Commercial Auto Leasing to Help Small Businesses Save Money

07.27.2006 - Names Most Requested Vehicles to Lease for First Half of 2006

06.01.2006 - Tarry Shebesta, to Speak on Maximizing Your Presence on the Web at NVLA Conference in Dallas

05.09.2006 - to Re-Launch at NAFA Conference

05.04.2006 - Tarry Shebesta, to Speak about Auto Leasing on the Internet at OVLA Conference in Columbus, OH

04.27.2006 - Delivers Savings to Consumers Looking to Purchase a Recreational Vehicle

02.28.2006 - Range Rover Sport Debuts on's Top 10 List, Mercedes Disappears

01.12.2006 - Delivers Savings to Consumers with Existing Car Leases

01.04.2006 - Offers Auto Leasing Again in New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island

12.01.2005 - BMW Models Continue to Dominate on's Top 10 List

09.27.2005 - Partners With - Offers Consumers Side-by-Side Lease Program Comparisons

09.14.2005 - Wins 2005 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Website Development

07.19.2005 - The New Re-Designed BMW 325 Dethrones Infiniti G35 on's Top 10 List

06.02.2005 - NIADA Adds to its Member Benefit Provider Program

05.25.2005 - National Vehicle Leasing Association names Tarry Shebesta, Second Vice-President, and presents him with the 2005 President's Award

05.12.2005 - Tarry Shebesta, to Speak on Effective Auto Lease Marketing and Lessors Roundtable at NVLA Conference in Orlando

05.03.2005 - Infiniti G35 Remains #1 and Honda Accord Returns to Top 10 List

04.21.2005 - and Partner to Capitalize on the Growth of Used Car Leasing

03.31.2005 - Rates the Most Fuel Efficient Cars that Lease the Best

01.12.2005 - Infiniti G35 Still #1 While the All New Corvette Debuts on Top 10 List

11.17.2004 - As Higher Interest Rates Spur Auto Leasing, the Infiniti G35 Continues Hot Streak on Top 10 List

11.03.2004 - ACS President, Tarry Shebesta, to Talk About Used Vehicle Leasing at the National Remarketing Conference and Expo/2005

10.26.2004 - ACS Announces Auto Lease Consultant Certification of Two Top-Level Employees

09.15.2004 - Tarry Shebesta to Speak About Used Car Leasing at Association of Consumer Vehicle Lessors Conference

08.31.2004 - Infiniti G35 Spends Over a Year at #1 in New Car Leasing on Top 10 List

08.10.2004 - & MarketWise Remarketing Partnership Helps Reduce Off-Lease Residual Losses

07.13.2004 - Expands Car Leasing Options with FairLease Alliance

06.15.2004 - Tarry Shebesta to Speak on Re-Leasing Off-Lease Vehicles at Automotive Leasing Management Forum in Chicago

06.09.2004 - Now Lets Consumers Choose a Vehicle Based on Their Desired Lease Payment

05.19.2004 - National Vehicle Leasing Association names Tarry Shebesta, of Automobile Consumer Services, Inc., Third Vice-President

05.07.2004 - Ohio Vehicle Leasing Association re-elects Tarry Shebesta, of Automobile Consumer Services, Inc., Vice President Southwest Ohio

05.04.2004 - Infiniti G35 Rock Steady at #1 in New Car Leasing on Top 10 List

04.29.2004 - Tarry Shebesta, to Speak about E-Commerce and Auto Leasing at NVLA Conference in Vancouver

03.23.2004 - Used Car Lease Customers Protected with $50,000 Insurance Against Hidden DMV Title Defects

02.10.2004 - BMW Dominates, Mercedes Almost Eliminated on Top 10 List

01.15.2004 - and Partner to Make Leasing a Vehicle Online Easy

11.13.2003 - Tarry Shebesta, President of Automobile Consumer Services, Selected to Speak at Automotive Lease Management Forum

10.30.2003 - Volkswagen's First SUV Debuts on Top 10 List

10.09.2003 - Offers Full-Service Auto Leasing Using True Market Value Data

07.31.2003 - BMW Dominates Top 10 List

06.04.2003 - Helps Independent Used Car Dealers Expand Their Business

05.28.2003 - National Vehicle Leasing Association names Tarry Shebesta, of Automobile Consumer Services, Inc., Director-at-Large

05.08.2003 - The New Volvo XC90 Debuts on Top 10 List

04.22.2003 - Brings Leasing to the Used Car Online Marketplace

02.12.2003 - Tarry Shebesta, President of Automobile Consumer Services, Selected to Speak at Conference of Auto Remarketing

01.28.2003 - New Infiniti G35 Debuts No. 2 on Top 10 List

11.12.2002 - Customer Credit Scores Enhance, Eliminates Credit Discrimination

10.22.2002 - Upscale Cars Tops in Growing Used Car Leasing Business on

07.31.2002 - Luxury Vehicles in Demand: Releases Top 10 List of New and Used Car Lease Requests

07.11.2002 - offers 6 Steps to Leasing a Car: What Everyone Should Know

05.22.2002 - Real Time Auto Lease Quotes added to Expert Lease Pro Software, a result of an ACS and Chart Software partnership

05.13.2002 - Ohio Vehicle Leasing Association elects Tarry Shebesta, of Automobile Consumer Services, Inc., Vice President Southwest Ohio

05.02.2002 - Honda Accord Tops New and Used Car Leasing Requests on

04.02.2002 - Forbes Magazine Selects, as a "Best of the Web" Site for Car Buyers

03.19.2002 - Automobile Consumer Services and Partner to Make New Car Leasing Online Easy with Link

02.20.2002 - Consumers Save by Leasing Late Model Used Cars Online with

01.16.2002 - Partners with Jefferson Leasing to Benefit 'not-so-big' Companies

10.03.2001 - Acura TL takes first place: releases top 10 new car model lease requests for September 2001

10.04.2000 - The hottest leased cars on the Net: releases top 10 new car model lease requests for September 2000

09.12.2000 - offers first online auto lease quote comparison service