Who offers the best prices on new cars? A car buying service or a car dealer? Find out for yourself right now by getting two car price quotes, FREE!

By getting two quotes, you’ll know which is the most competitive price for your new car purchase.

We also offer services for auto leasing and used car purchases.

For your first quote, you’ll receive our
ACS Pre-Negotiated Purchase Price instantly, along with the dealer invoice price. If you’d like to secure this price, we’ll locate your vehicle and faciliate your deal start-to-finish, nationwide!

For your second quote, a local dealer will contact you to give you their best price.

Compare the two quotes and take the best deal. It's the easiest way to go!

Our staff consists of experienced car buying experts that have negotiated thousands of deals on every type of vehicle across the U.S. We know about the rebates and incentives the dealers would rather not tell you about and pass these savings onto you.

When we facilitate your deal, we get a signed Buyer's Order from a dealer before you take delivery. This eliminates last-minute price changes or add-ons. In contrast, a dealer can quote you a price and back out of it without serious consequences.

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Our focus is as much on convenience as it is on price. Friendly and knowledgeable car buying consultants are at your service throughout the process and ready to assist you to make your vehicle purchase a satisfying experience.

American Car Buying Service has earned accolades in the Forbes Best of the Web directory:

"The service easily tracked down a hard-to-get car; two other sites we tried offered only a waiting-list spot. And ACS came back with a price, devoid of insidious dealer options like under-carriage spraying and swanky floor mats."

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